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When the things between the Russian bride and the foreigner get serious eventually they make the next step, such as engagement, and as soon as they do so, they start dealing with such troubles as getting the fiancée visa in order to make possible the arrival of the bride into the hometown and future place of living of her groom. So what are the steps needed in order to fasten the process of getting the fiancée visa? In each of the cases the actions would be different ones, but if your spouse is American than there is nothing the bride can possibly do at this stage.

The problem is that the process can only be started by the future husband, who needs to fill in a petition. In accordance with United States immigration law, I-129F petition for a visa of bride can be filed and approved only in the United States. I-129F petition is entitled only to an American citizen. The petition shall be filed in United States Immigration Office at the place of actual or presumed place of residence of the petitioner. And only as soon as this petition would be approved, it would be sent to the Embassy in America which is near the place of living, and the groom will receive a letter with invitation to a interview and a list of documents what need to be brought with to the embassy.

So on this stage it is important to learn trusting the groom and to cooperating with him, while fast filing of all the necessary information about you, your parents, or children from previous marriages if there are any. And, of course, it is necessary to make order in all of the documents. First checking the passport and if it expires within a year, it’s time to apply for a new passport. As well as making passports to all children if there are any.

Find your birth certificate, birth certificate of the child or children must also be available. Prepare the certificate of divorce. Those would be the main documents. A certificate of no criminal record, but it should be taken within a few days before the interview. All of these documents need to be translated into English. If the originals of your documents are in Russian, then there is no need in notary certification of the translation, though in America you will need such copies in order to obtain the Green Card, so it would be easier to prepare everything in Russia where you know and understand everything, and can deal without the help of your loved one.

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Also it is about time to deal with the matter whether your child will get the permission to leave the country from the biological father, the council may require such a document even on the interview. Abroad there is no such a situation if the child is leaving the borders with one of the parents than there is no need in the permission from the second parent.

And another important point is vaccinations! The availability of vaccination, once again the fact that the Russian bride wasn’t asked about them on the interview, doesn’t mean that her child would not be asked about it either. They are required before the interview for the Green Card in the United States. And any school in America asks to bring immunizations before accepting the child in their institution.

At the same time, you can ask whether you missed any of the necessary vaccinations. With Russian vaccinations, in general, the actions are the same. In some cases due to changing a lot of hospitals, some of the information about the vaccinations is getting lost; well it is not such a huge problem as it can be easily restored, or vaccinated. If you do not have this sheet, it is not scary, of course. But do all necessary vaccinations at home, otherwise you will need to do them in America. Without vaccinations, you will not be issued with a Green Card.

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