Modern society has different ideas and visions on family and marriage. Today psychologists distinguish traditional, civil, free, international, unequal marriage and marriage for benefit. Civil marriage becomes a more extending form of family. In Russia it was legalized by Lenin and abolishes by Stalin. Civil marriage as a trial marriage gains more popularity in Russia of today. Russian’s women attitude to this type of marriage differs. Some choose it and some censure it. The difference between traditional marriage and civil one is only in the seal put in the passport. The seriousness of relationship is guaranteed by trust, love and desire of the partners to be together. The righteous question rise, why so many people strive to register the relations? According to the statistics the majority of people living in a civil marriage just submit to the unwillingness of other half to register the relationship. Usually men are against traditional marriages. Women, in they turn strive to legalize the relationship. This is the sequence of stereotypes in the Russian dating society. Since the childhood Russian women are taught to live in a traditional marriage, deliver children to the world and only then think of career. Many women are afraid of negative gossips behind their backs. Therefore, it makes great sense for foreigner, who looks for a Russian bride to show their seriousness of his intentions and convincing his Russian lady in this. Everyone understands that a simple seal in passport doesn’t change anything, but the attitude of the society is affected by this ‘small formality’. Every couple decides this question for themselves. Some couples live in civil marriages and legalize their relationships only when they expect children or under the impact of close people, parents, for instance.

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