love-datingRimma, has wrote her story: ” Me and Jack went to Austin as I wanted to go to the skating ring, and Austin has a marvelous skating ring right in the center of a mall, it is a huge mall that looks rather like a city in the city, than like a shopping place, but we didn’t get to the point with the skating ring as i kept entering one boutique after another, until the moment when in one the stores i met Carrie.

The shop was completely empty due to the fact that clothes in it were scaringly expensive. So there were me and that Carrie behind the counter. Of course, she kindly asked me immediately: “can I do anything to help?” I replied, “No, thank you. I’m just looking. «She heard my accent, and immediately delivered the diagnosis: “you are Russian” and began staring me as she was in love. She was an adorable blonde with blue eyes. Then she started telling her story and her eyes began sparkling even more, his name was Yuri, he was the most charming and sexy man in her life, and they met each other in Las Vegas, when he told her “darling would you like to play cards?” And i almost fainted. His voice and accent sounded so romantic and sexy that it was driving me crazy.

We kept talking to the sweet seller for some time more, and it was a good thing that no one was entering the store and disturbing us, eventually no one wanted to pay such big money for clothes. And Carrie kept complaining about the fact that American men are not feeling their women from the psychological point of view as the European ones, and she felt sorry that the American men are not same as European. After that she advised me as a good friend to not buy anything from this store as behind the corner same clothes I can buy ten times cheaper, but i still wanted to buy something, maybe some small thing in order to somehow justify the time she spent on me, but she refused me with the threaten that in this case she will make it a gift to me. I left the store with the feeling of pride, and as we became friends almost.

When i were leaving I noticed Carrie’s face full of love towards the man that she was dating a long time ago, and I realized that being a real man, who is able to do some great things for the sake of this woman doesn’t depends on the nationality, but on the fact of who you are, whether a good or bad person. It doesn’t depend on the country you were born in; it is only about you and the home discipline.



All the road back home i kept thinking about Carrie and how can I help her to become same happy as i am with my Jack, and after less than half an hour I already had a plan in my head. I remembered that in a few weeks will be the Christmas time, for me it was a special day because every year on this day my entire family visits us, so I called Carrie and invited her as a guest to our Christmas party, to my great pleasure she agreed, as she didn’t have a place where to spent this day (her parents left into a cruise trip, and were getting back only by the end of January.

On this party I introduced her to my brother Ivan, and to my great happiness and pleasure they immediately felt sympathy towards each other. This story has happened two years ago. Today Carrie and Ivan are expecting their baby daughter, after less than a year since their wedding day, and I cannot describe how happy i am for them and for the lucky accident that helped them getting to know each other.

Life really is full of surprises, and you never know where you will find the person you have always dreamed about, and where you will find nothing but disappointments and regrets, but anyways it is good to know that after one door closes, the other one is getting opened.